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Ways for Grandparents to Connect with Grandchildren

Sometimes the generation gap can seem insurmountable for grandparents, especially if their grandchildren are tweens or teens. It’s much easier to find activities to share with youngsters when they’re young, but a loving connection is essential at any age. Grandparents can have a profound influence on their grandchildren and for those that may not know where to begin, the following are some great ways to start.

One-on-One Time

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending the day or engaging in an activity with just one of your grandchildren at a time instead of doing something as a group. They each have different interests that you can share and nurture. Just do the same for each one.

Activities and Hobbies

It’s never too early for children to discover new interests. It could be anything from collecting seashells or knitting to biking and horseback riding. If a grandchild is already passionate about a sport or activity, watch TV or movies about it with them, or try it with them.

Be Silly, Have Fun

A sense of humor and the ability to laugh at oneself are some of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon your grandchildren. If you like to sing or dance, do it with wild abandon. Let them see your own sense of humor shine through and teach by example – don’t be afraid to try new things.

Be Practical

There are dozens of practical things with which you can help your grandchildren. Essential things you learned as a child are often not taught or learned anymore, but they still have practical applications. Being able to make change without electronic means, create a budget, cook a meal or change a tire are just some examples.

Be Yourself

There’s been way too much hype about being the “cool” grandma or grandpa. Children know when adults are faking. Grandchildren want to see the real you, know that they’re important to you, and that you love them. Spending time with them enables you to be a major part of their life, pass on some of your knowledge and experience, and learn new things from them.

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