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Hire a Food Truck for a Kid’s Outdoor Party

Food is an essential ingredient for any kid’s party and instead of hosts trying to prepare all the food themselves, a food truck is a great alternative – particularly for larger events. There’s something innately attractive about eating snacks from a food truck and it’s a solution that’s equally appropriate for kids of all ages.

Prices vary by region and there’s typically a minimum number of guests required. Other factors that will affect pricing is the location of the event, the date, and popularity of the food truck brand.

Ice cream

An ice cream truck is the perfect way to cool off on a hot and humid South Florida day. Everyone likes the frozen treat and it can include traditional ice cream, frozen yogurt, custard-based ice cream, and gelato to name a few.


The popular food can be a simple blend of meat, cheese, lettuce and toppings to such diverse fillings as eggs, potatoes and all vegetable ingredients. They can be customized in multiple ways to accommodate any taste.


Humans are drawn to foods that are sweet, savory and rich. Pizza fits those criteria perfectly and are customized to achieve any taste combination. Pizza combines any number of ingredients that taste better when combined and eaten together.

Burgers & Hotdogs

Burgers and hotdogs are two foods that never go out of style. They’re appreciated by kids of all ages and can be topped with a wide variety of condiments. A food truck that offers a side of French fries is even better.


Kids of all ages appreciate finger foods and that encompasses a wide range of sandwiches. There are food trucks that specialize in sub sandwiches, sliders, grilled cheese and even breakfast sandwiches for any time of the day. Sandwiches are a staple in virtually every country and individuals can choose from cuisine with the taste of Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica and South America, along with American versions.

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