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How to Create A Great Party Playlist

Throwing the perfect party is not just about the venue you choose and the food you serve, it is also about creating the perfect playlist to have your guests dancing the night away.

Not sure how to do it?  Follow our advice on how to create a great party playlist.

Tailor your list to suit the occasion

If you are holding a family friendly event, chances are you can forego the banging EDM music and opt for something lower key instead.   Think about the atmosphere you are trying to create before you start thinking about the musical accompaniment and work from there.   A laid back, afternoons social for example is the perfect place for bringing out some of your favorite light jazz and old-school soul tunes, that will help to create a relaxing, friendly atmosphere where people can talk.

If you are planning on partying later into the small hours, add plenty of well-known party anthems at the start of the evening, to help get your guests in the mood.  As the evening goes on, increased the BPM to keep them dancing.  If it’s a seasonal affair, be sure to throw some Christmas tunes in to help everyone get into the spirit of things.

Mix it up

As the nominated DJ for your event, remember that variety is the spice of life. Throw in a variety of slow and fast songs, pop classics, country favorites and other musical styles to keep people interested.  Mixing current hits with old school favorites is also a great way to keep guests of all ages entertained throughout the evening.  You should also space things out evenly, so that you don’t get stuck on one style of music for too long at a time, and always throw in some crowd-pleasers. like Whitney, Britney, Madonna and Beyoncé to really get the party started.

Your Party, Your Playlist

Of course, you want to wow your guests with lots of lovely crowd pleasers, but never be afraid to throw a few of your favorites into the mix too.  Intersperse well known party tunes with some from your own personal playlist to create the perfect party sounds to keep your guests entertained, while still reflecting your own personality.  Don’t go overboard with obscure, one hit wonders though – remember this is a party after all, and not an opportunity for you to educate your guests in your own taste in music.

Review Your Choices Before the Big Day

If you really want to impress with your musical prowess, be sure to listen to your playlist in full at least a couple of times before the event itself.  Listen out loud through your sound system, not your headphones to get a feel for technical anomalies like changes in sound quality.  You should also be prepared to make harsh edits and cut out some songs completely if they don’t fit in with the final cut.  This way, you can create a fine-tuned playlist that will go down a storm.


When your guests arrive, it’s time to forget about the music and get bust being the best host you can be.  Your carefully created playlist is bound to be a big hit with your guests, so have a drink and join in the fun, and don’t worry about which song comes next, or whether everyone like it.

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