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Trending Waterslide Rentals

Waterslides are the preferred rentals for two reasons – they’re fun and they’re great stress relievers. People playing on a waterslide release adrenaline and endorphins that make them feel good. Waterslides are offered in single, double and even triple lane styles, allowing individuals to race and compete against each other.

They appeal to people of all ages, are full of color, and available in multiple themes. Waterslides evoke a variety of emotions and enable adults to return to a time of carefree childlike make believe. Waterslides create their own kind of magic. The following are the trending waterslide rentals from which to choose.

North Shore Water Slide

One of the big attractions of the water slide is that it towers over the landscape at an amazing 42 ft. tall. It features 2 lanes for those that want to compete against one another. The exhilarating slide down to the bottom culminates in a long, flat slide for a successful slow-down.

Black Pearl

While somewhat shorter at 32 ft. in height, the huge 2-lane water slide is a pirate’s dream come true. Equipped with all the symbols of sailing the high seas, the pirate-themed water slide appeals to people on multiple levels.

Star Wars Obstacle Course

This amusement normally functions as an obstacle course, but can also be set up as a water slide. It’s the ideal solution for fans of the Star Wars franchise.

Rampage Half Pipe Water Slide

The water slide comes in at 24 ft in height, but has an extra surprise at the bottom. The ride begins as a normal water slide and ends with a half pipe that will have riders riding a wave like they’re on the ocean. It’s available in 1 or 2 lane options.


The 2-lane water slide stands 40-ft tall, features 2 lanes and a colorful canopy. The water slide is a siren song of fun that calls people back again and again.

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