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Awesome Water Parks Across The USA

As summer approaches, everyone starts thinking about the best way to beat the heat that comes with it, and you should too. You could opt for hitting the local community or even booking in some time at any of the beaches around you. Water parks give a much more adventurous outdoor experience. If you thought that waterslides are only meant for kids, think again because you might be living in the old times.  Majority of modern water parks are designed with amazing and terrific drops as well as crazily looped slides, which offers rivalry to the stomach-testing rollercoasters that you can find in most of the amusement parks around the country. Sounds like a good deal this summer; check out the following awesome water parks in the USA.

  1. Schlitterbahn Kansas City waterpark

If you are looking for the Mt. Everest of water parks, Verruckt Park will offer you just that. It takes pride in being an exceptional park in the USA for several reasons including its sheer height. It can take four riders in one go, on a raft that runs down fifteen stories, and can reach high speeds of 70 mph. Alternatively, you can opt for staying close to the sea level at the Torrent River, which ranks as the only manmade river with the largest tidal wave in the world.

  1. Water World

If you are looking for the best experience in aquatic attractions, then the Water World earns that title. It has 49 attractions, which include the Pharaoh rides and Voyage to the earth’s center. Here, you need more than one day to go round all the waterslides. You will be shot up and over hills by the Mile High Flyer waster coaster. On the other hand, the Screamin’ Mimi coaster gets you into a splash tank from a wheeled sled. The recent addition of the Warp Speed is a combination of virtual gaming and ancient tube slide experience.

  1. Splashin’ Safari

The Splashin’ Safari has two water coasters that are ranked the longest in the world. Riding in any of these coasters will make you feel your heart stopping. It comprises seven drops that start from a seven-story hill. The rafts can spin on their own resulting in a unique riding experience. This water park has several underground tunnels, with drops that keep the speed at a high of 36 feet-per-second. You will definitely have memorable thrill here.

  1. White Water Park

Even though it is considered relatively smaller when compared to a majority of the parks in the USA, the White Water Park beats them all in terms of organization, and its suitability for a family experience. For instance, the KaPau Plummet is an attraction that you cannot afford to miss –a drop-flor slide, which will plunge you down at an angle of 70 degrees. The waterpark has features designed to offer fun to people of all ages.

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