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Unique Gift Ideas for Girls & Boys Birthday Parties 2017

When it comes to your children, there may not be a lot of guessing on the type of gifts they want. Kids tend to be very vocal in letting parents know what they want as their first gift choices. But, for another child, it may be a bit more challenging. We’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest gift ideas for both boys and girls that might give you some grand ideas and look like a complete hero.

Girls 4-6

Pull up any Walmart or Target ad and your choices are overwhelming. However, some of the hottest trends you’ll find for girls between the ages of 4-6 is are Shopkins and anything from Disney’s movie “Frozen.” One tip to keep in mind is to contact the parents before purchasing these items since there may be a good chance they’ve already got them. Also, either one of these brands does offer a wide selection with this theme. Any young girl will be dazzled when opening these gifts as they are two of the biggest toys to sell this summer.

Girls 8-11

It seems like girls in the age category enjoy crafting. Bead kits can be found on places like Amazon, or your local craft store like Michaels. You really can’t go wrong with this type of gift at this age, as young girls enjoy working with their hands.

Girls 12-16

This age group is a bit trickier as this is also the time where gifts become pricey. If you’re looking to get a gift for a girl between 12-16, think about gift cards. Gift cards are always a good selection because the kid can buy what they want.

Boys 4-6

Kids between the age of 4-6 are practicing things like hand to eye coordination as well as their motor skills. These children tend to enjoy working with their hands and building things. Lego Blocks, toys with gears or pieces where they must think and make are most enjoyed. Another idea for your consideration is drawing or painting kits. Children of all ages love to be artistic, and at this age, their minds are free to imagine and explore. Art Boxes tend to be great presents for both boys and girls in this age category.

Boys 8-11

These little tikes are more advanced than the other the post-toddlers. They enjoy sports, video gaming and a variety of other activities. The key word is ‘active.’ This year we’ve seen many kids wanting Drones and Quadcopters to fly around. Although it’s a great gift, you may want to check with the parents as these toys can sometimes cause a problem.

Boys 12-16

This age group presents a little more challenge. But, one item that is flying off the shelves is GeekerCity’s Mini Flying RC Drone. This cool gadget changes colors, and it’s safe to use. The price point is excellent too under $20.

While these are just a few of the toys listed for boys and girls, there’s plenty of great ideas you can explore. We hope you find this blog helpful.

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