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Host a Labor Day BBQ Right!

Ahhh the smell of food grilling and the excitement from the last of the fireworks, you know Labor Day is here once again. If you plan on hosting a barbeque this year, then we’ve got three excellent tips to make your event incredible. From the corn on the stick to a good dessert, South Florida Bounce has the answers to do it up right!

First tip: Be Prepared! Since we are knee deep into hurricane season in South Florida, be sure to have a weather app with notifications. Apps such as Accuweather help to keep you alert when there’s rough terrain ahead when it comes to rain or shine. Be sure to plan your party centered around things like the heat index and any other issues that could arise. We Floridians know and plan accordingly with an alternative to taking the fun outdoors. Don’t limit your fun, just be sure to prepare to host indoors if you get washed out. For instance, host a Wii tournament or some other contest that’s suitable for the indoor activity.

Next tip: Invite old friends and get re-acquainted. If there’s someone you haven’t had the time to see in a while, then ask them to join. Keeping friendships is important no matter who you are, and a BBQ is the ideal setting for sparking up some memories and conversation. Don’t wait until the other holidays when life’s events can get hectic. Besides, everyone loves a good backyard celebration.

Third tip: Include games, swimming, and waterslides. The difference between a good BBQ and a GREAT BBQ, is always the entertainment. In fact, we may be guessing a bit, but not too many people enjoy hearing from their kids “Mom, Dad, I’m bored.” Be sure to keep them occupied with more than the grown-up talk. Having the right mix of activities and people makes all the difference in the world when planning a BBQ.

Make the last big party of the summer, one your guests always remember. Don’t be alarmed with back to school plans or anything else. Just grab a tall cold drink, eat some char-broiled grub and stay happy. Afterall, it won’t be long now before you can start planning for the holiday parties.

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