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Great Photo Resources Kids Parties & Events

With technology being in the palm of everyone’s hand, it seems almost redundant to speak of photo resources. Everyone appears to be an instant photographer with the quality of picture taking with your smartphones. However, there are times where finding a good photographer is important. Or perhaps you don’t know how you’ll cover 240 guests when it comes to taking pictures. Well, don’t fret, we’ve got some hot tips for you that will help to capture your son or daughter’s birthday party or any other event, and you won’t have to go bonkers doing so.

Hiring a good photographer may seem easy, but when it comes to covering your child’s event, you want to know you found the best person possible who’s been vetted. Places like Craigslist, might seem reputable and for the most part, they are, but you have no idea who you’re getting. If you do decide to take your chances and hire the photographer from places such as Facebook Marketplace, then ask for up to five references of previous customers. Once you get these references, do your due diligence and check these people out!

Next, you can find a variety of skill sets such as kid photography on the Thumbtack App or Website. Thumbtack does have photographers who have passed a background check for parents wanting to ensure they’re getting someone who is responsible around children. Be sure to check out this app.

Photo booths are another nice way to allow for picture taking where you’re not interrupting facilitating the rest of the party to snap a few shots with your cell phone. Another benefit to renting a photo booth is these individuals works perfectly for large parties. The reason they are ideal for volume guests is that they sit off to the side when people want their photo taken they can do it in a unique way, giving them a hard copy to hang. For fun, you can request all the files to be delivered from the photo booth and then post to Facebook or other places for sharing.

These are a few places for you to consider next time you’re planning a party or event. We’ve got a multitude of different party favors that can make your celebration complete. Be sure to give us a shout if there are any further questions. Until then, happy planning!

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