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Host A College Football Rivalry Party

Football is arguably America’s biggest sport, and the college football season is one of the most highly anticipated sporting events in the country. Part of football’s appeal lies in the adrenaline, competitiveness, and bonding with friends. Nothing improves the football watching experience than having some good company over. American football has been played since the late 19th century, and in its rich history, some strong rivalries have developed. Games against rivals add to the competitiveness and this just makes it more fun. When hosting a college football rivalry party, where your team is playing one of its fierce rivals, you need to provide the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests. Here are four tips on how to do so.

  1. Get the food menu right

One of the key ingredients in a football watching party is the food. When deciding on how to feed your guests, you should ensure that the food you are offering can be consumed while watching the game. Under normal circumstances, watching your team is an emotional experience. This level of emotion is further amplified when you are playing a hated rival. You should ensure that you get finger food which can be eaten by hand. You need to have as few eating implements as possible; you don’t want your TV to be destroyed by a fork thrown in anger. Your menu should also appeal to your guests universally; go for ‘common’ food items that (almost) everyone enjoys such as chips, chicken wings, ribs, etc.

  1. Have enough drinks for your guests

The thought of having a rivalry football party without drinks is almost sacrilege. Drinks are what make (or break) a football party. As a diligent host, you should make an effort to understand the preference of your guests in terms of their preferred drink. If you are not able to cater to every person’s preference, you can make a fruit punch. Adding food coloring to the punch to match your team colors is a good way to show solidarity with your team for a rivalry game. Ultimately, quantity trumps quality when purchasing drinks for a football party. You should ensure that you have enough drinks for the game, and any possible post-match celebrations. Also, you should have enough non-alcoholic drink options for the guests that do not consume alcohol.

  1. Ensure that you provide a good viewing experience

When organizing a football rivalry party, a lot of hosts focus too much on the food and drinks, forgetting to improve the viewing experience. You should ensure that your guests enjoy watching the game. If you are expecting a lot of guests, then you might have to re-arrange your furniture or add some more furniture to ensure that everyone will be comfortable during the game. You might have to re-position your television to ensure that all your guests can view the game.

  1. Show your team colors

Watching a rivalry game is one of the most intense experiences for any sports fan. You need to ensure that you set the atmosphere just right to enjoy the game. Part of your party budget should be dedicated to ensuring that your décor shows your support. You could get a few team posters in the viewing room or possibly use team branded cups for the drinks. Depending on your budget, you should try to decorate your space with your team’s colors and/or merchandise.

With these tips, you can have a rivalry viewing party that will live long in your guests’ memories.

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