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Road Trip With The Kids

Road trips are one of those fun activities that parents and children can really enjoy. With the right amount of planning, you can have a blast with your children and make incredible memories that will last.

Here are tips you can use to make sure your road trip is a roaring success:

Involve the kids

Don’t just plan the trip on your own and then spring it on the kid’s last minute. Most children, especially teenagers, hate surprises because they already have plans. Involve them in the decision-making process; brain-storm with them on the destination, best route to use, what time to start along with other ideas. Doing so gives the kids a sense of ownership.

Plan carefully

Spontaneity is great. However, the last thing you want is to get lost and have a boring trip in the name of spontaneity. Plan everything from the pit stops, hotels to lounge and everything you want to do before you leave. It is easy to follow a plan when you have one and not miss out on some great things.

Pack lots of food

Do not forget to pack a lot of foods and drinks. Hungry children are usually cranky individuals who are not co-operative and can make the trip a really miserable experience. Snacks keep the children busy and help take the edge off being on the road for hours on end. For drinks, opt for sippy cups and straw bottles instead of juice box because of the mess these make.


There is nothing worse than idle kids. Plan for ample entertainment to keep the kids busy throughout the trip and avoid bad behavior. Digital or phone games are great for older kids while younger children can carry crayons and coloring books and also magnet games. If your car has a screen, carry a few entertaining DVDs especially cartoons and kids shows. However, regulate the amount of entertainment to have some bonding time with the kids.

Be creative

A road trip is not about you driving while the kids play games at the back. It’s about having some great family time together. Get creative ideas on things to do together such as spotting landmarks, naming all the counties you see on on-coming vehicles and naming the capital cities of the world. Make sure you give each kid a travel journal and a pencil so they can write and capture memories throughout the trip and also buy cameras for them.

Pack well

There are certain essentials you must carry including a few blankets, pillows, sealable plastic bag, flashlight, jumper cables, jackets, first aid kit and wet wipes. Make sure you know where everything is and pack the one item that gives the baby comfort before sleeping.

Taking a road trip with the kids can be one of the most exciting things you will ever do as a family. It provides the kids the opportunity to be free and open because mom and dad are not tired from work and it can be a memorable time.

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