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Party Planning 101

If you have been strictly keeping tabs on your calendar lately, one can understand why; it is springtime. The bitter cold has paved the way for warmth while the vegetation is sprouting again. Flowers are in full blossom, and the grass is green all over you. When you look out the window, the outdoors is beckoning you to sample the beautiful weather. One thought that comes to mind is that of inviting your family, friends, and neighbors to an outdoor spring party.

However, with a celebratory event where people come over to your house, you need to plan. The tips below are sure to give you a head start.

Make early preparations

Springtime is for everyone, and they all want to enjoy the warm weather. Before people start getting busy, send them invitations in advance. Wisdom advises that you plan your event one or two months before the season kicks. At the same time, you give your guests ample time to confirm before they receive other engagements. Decide on the number of people to invite depending on your budget and space in your backyard.

Work out the menu

Depending on your budget, you could plan to hire a caterer for the day. Outsourcing saves you the trouble of cleaning up after everyone has left. You also find sufficient time to mingle with your guests, something that makes the party memorable. Whether self or outside-catered, you need to plan your menu as well as snacks for children. If you intend to have a barbeque, make adequate arrangements for grilling.


Guests expect that you will serve them beverages at some point. Choose your beverages such that they cut across both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic types. Consider having a central serving location, but for large parties, you can hire a bartender. Also, have some fresh fruit juices and sodas for children. Remember bottled water too. Keep the drinks chilled in coolers; you can borrow a few for the occasion.


Your options might vary depending on the guest list. All the same, you could hire a DJ outfit complete with equipment. The other option is to improvise by putting your speakers at strategic points in the yard. You might need additional cables to enable the speakers to reach the farthest corner of the yard. Go through your CD collection and pick the music that your guests would love. If on self-entertainment, assign someone the responsibility of changing the CDs for continuity.


Decorate the site creatively to set the mood for a party. You could hire some deck chairs and arrange them around a fireplace; it might get cold in the evening.


Parties are a fantastic idea for bringing people together especially after months of hibernation. Make yours exciting by throwing weight on the preparation. Plan your menu several weeks before and include food choices that cater to different people. Drinks are a must; have some beer, wine, water, soda, and juice. Hire a DJ or provide your own music to set the party mood.

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