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Kid Crowd-Pleasing Appetizers

Children like unique snacks just as much as adults and it’s a great way to introduce youngsters to new foods and tastes. There are dozens of ways to turn ordinary foods into crowd-pleasing appetizers that kids will love. The following are just some of the ways people are feeding their youngsters during parties and playdates.


There’s something innately appealing about any type of food on a stick. Fruit and cheese kabobs are healthy and individuals can combine multiple types of cheese with grapes, strawberries, melon, avocado, pineapple, and apple pieces in any combination. Use fancy toothpicks rather than full-size skewers for safety and extra appeal.

The same technique can be used to create burger kabobs. It uses the same ingredients as an ordinary burger, only in bite-size pieces of burger, lettuce and cheese. A small piece of bacon can also be added to create a bacon burger.

Grilled Cheese Strips

Simply take an ordinary grilled cheese sandwich and cut it into strips. Add a small cup of tomato soup or a favorite dipping sauce.

Veggie Cups

Use a small, short cup or glass and fill it ½ full of a favorite dressing. Cut carrots, celery and peppers of multiple colors into small strips and stick them on end into the dressing. Green beans and cucumber strips can also be added to the mix.

Mini Meatballs

Simply make meatballs and cook them in a crockpot. Individuals can cook them with their favorite BBQ, teriyaki or other flavorings/sauce. Place on a small wooden fork and they’re ready for any occasion.

Bacon Wrapped Anything

Take a cocktail wiener or whole-grain cracker and wrap a strip of bacon around it for a tasty snack. These are easier to make using precooked bacon. Microwave the bacon and wrap it around the cracker or other base. Do small batches of bacon at a time to ensure it doesn’t become stiff and remains easier to manipulate.

Go Mini

Mini snacks of any kind are ideal for kids since they fit their smaller hands and adults appreciate the novelty. Mini chicken and waffles, mini corn dogs, or mini pancakes are just some of the options available for kid-pleasing appetizers.

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