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Best Games and Toys for Outdoor Fun

It can be difficult to get youngsters outdoors to play with all the electronic options available. There are still games and toys that are able to coax kids outside and that will keep their interest for hours.

Water Guns

A perennial favorite, water guns can be played utilized on dry ground, at the beach, or in a pool. Simple water guns are fun for younger children, but the bigger models that can hold a gallon of water is better for older youngsters.


There’s an inflatable waterslide to accommodate youngsters from toddlers to teens. They’re available in varying heights and styles, with multiple features. Some will even deposit children directly into a swimming pool.

Water Balloons

Few things are as much fun as a water balloon fight. It gives youngsters a chance to get wet and keep cool. Water balloons battles can be held according to team play or as a free-for-all.


An all time favorite at home, on the beach, during camping trips, or even while tailgating, the board and corn-filled bags take up little room and can be set up almost anywhere.

Bounce House

Great for a day of fun, inflatable bounce houses can be delivered directly to the door and set up in very little time. Bounce houses are best for youngsters age 6 to 12. Children under age 6 shouldn’t use bounce houses as they don’t have the motor skills required to right themselves during bouncing action.

Water Table

Designed for babies and toddlers, water tables allow the youngest of children to enjoy some cool water fun. The tables are a great way for young children to play with water while developing fine motor skills and using their imagination. There are also models that combine water and sand for a greater play experience.

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