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The Best Mermaid Birthday Party

Event Bloggers Who Love to Throw a Party in South Florida

Event planning has become a huge business. That couldn’t be a more accurate statement when you live in a place such as South Florida. Since the weather is almost always ideal for outdoor planning, there’s parties, bah mitzvahs and a variety of other celebrations where event planning is practically necessary. It seems nearly every weekend; this demographic is booked with making the party a gigantic hit. In this blog, we quote a few of the event bloggers who give you some valuable insight on how they threw some of the best birthday parties around town.

Event Blogger April Tan hosts a blog called “Catch My Party” where she gives a plethora of tips on throwing child themed birthdays. Here’s what she had to say about coming up with the concepts, “With mermaids, it’s all about the decorating. I created a visually stimulating fantasy world using pastel colors such as lavender, turquoise, sea foam green, and pink. I also used the color white as my base to keep the aesthetics feeling light and airy. Accents with pearls, starfish, and fish kept the theme from under-going. The kids just loved it when they walked into the backyard and seen lots of pretty decorations”.

Next event blogger, Lenzo is more of a one-stop shop for party planning that includes blogs from ghostwriters. Nonetheless, their mission is always to know what the trends are connecting with outside suppliers who want to sell goods. One of the bloggers caught up with us to talk about Glamping Parties for any Diva Troop. “The theme was inspired by the movie “Troop Beverly Hills,” and we focused on keeping the color palette in line with green, different shades of pink and white. This sparked quite a host of fun with the many hues of pink we found. Besides these smashing splashes of color, one very popular kid party favor is the tent. Girls love homemade shelters as much as boys, and they can be easily made. Tents are all the hype and what’s popular at most of the events we see currently.

The last blogger we connected with was from Southern Blue Celebrations. The charming writers who create content on this blog have a million grand ideas for you to try. But, we did speak to one of the phantom writers who told us the “Alice in Wonderland” novelty is what everyone is raving about for 2018. “Last year it was Minions, this year it’s Alice. The girls loved the finger sandwiches and tea party lunch along with the mobile we handcrafted pointing the confusing directions. Nonetheless, our girls wanted to have an outdoor party, so we hung decorations from the tree and set up the table to look like a scene from the movie. Also, we asked the parents to dress the girls like Alice or one of the characters which made the photos super cute and timeless”.

These event bloggers all have the right idea which is to make a point of being innovative but sticking with the trends to keep the children at ease. We hope these were some helpful tips for you as well for your daughter’s next birthday party. Best of luck!

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