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Should I Get A Tent For My Event?

When planning an event, one of the most important decisions in the planning phase is whether to get a tent. As temporary structures, tents give event organizers more flexibility in terms of the number of guests that they can cater to. So, what are the factors to consider when deciding on whether to get a tent or not?

  1. How many guests are you expecting for your event?

The number of guests that are invited to your event determines whether you will need a tent. If you have a small guest-list (less than 50 people) then finding a location for your event is easy as they can fit into an average-sized conference room. It, however, becomes more difficult to find a suitable venue for your event when you are working with a larger guest list. If your event has 500 attendees, for example, then it is easier (and cheaper) to get a tent. Tents come in varying sizes depending on your needs. You can also use multiple tents for a single event if you are working with truly large numbers.

  1. What budget are you working with?

While it is easier to get an event venue when you are working with a smaller guest list, if you are working with a limited budget, then you might still need to get a tent. Hiring a tent is always cheaper than hiring a brick and mortar event venue. That’s because with a tent you can hire open outdoor spaces which are almost always much cheaper than indoor spaces.

  1. What weather are you expecting?

There are numerous benefits to having an outdoors event. However, if there is a rainfall forecast or extreme heat, then for your guests’ comfort you need to get a tent. Keeping your guests exposed to the hot sun for an extended period of time might be just an uncomfortable as letting them get rained on. Tents are important in protecting your guests from the elements. However, if the weather is expected to get more severe, opt for indoor spaces which are more protected.

  1. Do you need to place your guests into groups?

If your event requires the attendees to be grouped, then tents offer the best solution. If you are organizing a graduation event, for example, then you can have a separate tent specifically for the graduating class. If you are holding a job fair, then different companies can have their own separate tents. Similarly, in a large wedding, you might want the different family members to be in their own separate tents for their convenience.

So overall, the decision to get a tent or not to get a tent is determined by the nature of your event, your budget, and the expected weather.

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