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Meet Our Tallest Waterslides!

On a really hot day, what could be better than whizzing down a super tall slide into a pool of cool, refreshing water?  Here at South Florida Bounce, our water slides are absolutely legendary.  If you would like to rent a water slide for your party or event, here is a rundown of the most awesome water slides in South Florida, all available to book through us:

The Hurricane

This 40ft tall, 2 lane water slide is the biggest and baddest backyard inflatable you have ever seen.  Race your friends to the bottom, and take the final bend at speed, to see who splashes out victorious at the end.  Not for the faint-hearted, the Hurricane is one of our most popular inflatables.

The Twister Straight

As Florida’s largest straight water slide, this 40 ft monster is totally huge, dude!  Race against each other on this 2 lane slide, that will literally spit you out into a plunge pool at the bottom.  Hold onto your shorts as you speed down the slide, then climb the towering stairwell to do it all over again! Awesome!

If you want to ramp up the fun factor even higher, turn the dial to 11 by choosing The Twister Curve.  Same high slide, with adding curves at the bottom. Even more awesome!

Space Shuttle Water Slide

Calling all astronauts, this 38ft tall dual lane water slide is perfect of your inner spaceman.  Climb up the rocket to take your place at the top of the slide, then plummet down to land in a pool of water.  This slide is perfect for kids and adults alike, and is, literally, out of this world.

The Hulk

Hulk smash your way down this 36ft tall giant green waterslide that offers over 100 feet of insane dual slide action, and that will throw you into a pool after your descent.  Feel the awesome power of the Hulk as you race down one of the largest waters slides in South Florida.

The Black Pearl

Ahoy, there mateys!  The time has come to walk the plank and throw yourselves overboard on this 32 ft tall, double lane water slide that looks every bit like a pirate ship.  Enjoy the adventure as you slip and slide along 100 feet of this insanely fast ride.  Ooh Arr me hearties!

The Tropical Cyclone

This 30ft tall water slide has been built exclusively for us guys here at South Florida Bounce.  Family-friendly this slide offers two sliding lanes at different heights – one for the bigger kids, and one for the smaller ones.  This is no kiddie ride though, and anyone brave enough to take on the Cyclone is in for a wild ride.

The Wave Rider

At 27ft high this may not be the tallest of our waterslides, but it certainly is the sickest!  Catch yourself some wicked air on this 6ft wide, inflatable halfpipe, that will throw you back and forth in the water!  Gnarly dude!

The Biggest and Best Water Slides in Florida

Here at South Florida Bounce, our waterslides are so awesome, we hire them out to venues right across the state. In fact, we are so well known for our epic inflatables, we even have exclusive designs made just for us that we can’t wait to share with you.

If you would like to rent one of the biggest and best waterslides in South Florida, call us today at 561.245.7100. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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