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Fun Food Machines – A Great Addition to Your Party

Fresh popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones and hot dogs are all a part and parcel of a great kids birthday party.  If you are organizing a birthday party for your little people, add a little old-fashioned fun with a food machine that offers the same great tasting treats that we enjoyed when we were little.

You may serve up pizzas, burgers or sandwiches as the main meal, but it will be the naughty but nice food machines that the kids will really love.  As a special treat, let your inner child shine and treat your kids to an old-fashioned food machine for their special party.

Snow Cone Machine

Shaved ice treats are perfect in the hot Florida sunshine, and make an easy addition to any party.  Snow cone machines serve up shaved ice desserts that are topped with flavored sugar syrup, making them cool, refreshing and utterly delicious.

Simply supply your own ice and you can enjoy up to sixty servings, made with 4 delicious servings at your kids’ birthday party.

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn is a great snack any time of day.  Popcorn machines heat up raw popcorn kernels to make delicious hot popcorn that can be covered in salt, sugar or butter for a super fresh treat that goes perfectly with friends and a movie.

Cotton Candy

Roll up, roll up for all the fun of the fair with a cotton candy machine for your kids to enjoy.  By first heating sugar until it becomes a liquid, then spinning the liquid as it cools, a cotton candy machine creates cloud-like threads of candy that form together to create a sweet, sticky treat that everybody loves to eat.

Hotdog Roller

Evoke the spirit of an old-fashioned movie theatre with a traditional hot dog roller.  Watch those dogs spin and turn as the children play, then grab a dog and a bun when they are ready to ear. Our classic roller grill will hold 24 mouthwatering hot dogs, brats, or breakfast sausages.

Hotdog Steamer

Cook your dogs in less than 20 minutes and keep them warm and fresh until they are ready to be enjoyed.  These machines are a great way to fill hungry bellies, with warm buns and freshly cooked dogs.  Great fun for all the family. Our hotdog steamers can accommodate any size hotdog (or sausage) and bun and holds up to a maximum of 100 hot dogs and 30 buns.

Party Fun and Inflatables from South Florida Bounce

We can supply you with everything need to make your child’s birthday party the best one ever.  We can provide bounce houses for kids of all ages, interactive inflatable games for the whole family to enjoy and a variety of food machines to keep your guests happy and well fed.

Call us today at 561-245-7100 to find out how we can help you to organize your next kid’s party in South Florida.  Inflatable fun – brought to your family by our family.

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