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8 Steps to Planning Your Child’s Bat Mitzvah

Many of the Bat Mitzvahs today are now being designed with extraordinary features and festivities. Although this is still respect for the young woman and more so, the religion there’s plenty of reasons to celebrate. We wanted to put together a few tips that should help you when planning your child’s to helping your daughter enjoy this milestone without you heading for the hills.

While the exact meaning mustn’t be misled, celebrating your child’s Bat Mitzvah can be both exciting as it can be nerve wrecking. With these quick tips, you can turn you daughter’s celebration into one she will never forget. Ready, set Mazal Tov!

  1. Challah bread Ceremony
  2. Lighting of the Shabbat Candles
  3. Prayer
  4. Set a meaningful activity such as volunteering to help someone in need.
  5. Your Daughters Speech
  6. Gifts
  7. Kosher Foods to be served
  8. The party

Since the making of the Challah is an important part of the ceremonies, plan your recipe ahead of time and don’t forget to take pictures as the first time your daughter is breaking bread as a woman. You can find plenty of recipes online or perhaps you have one handed down for generations, either way, help your little girl to know how special she is and how important carrying tradition is to her personal connection.

Lighting the candles are another part of this time for young girls to know the significance of the mitzvah. Check YouTube for the proper method of lighting the candles if you’re unsure.

Prayer is an obvious part of the preparations. Since women were the first to teach prayer, it’s important to continue to carry out the religious aspects and what daily prayer can mean.

Volunteering your services isn’t only a great trait to teach our young girls today, it’s also good to set the tone of reminding our daughters how important they are. But, by reaching out to others in need, it provides the lesson of grace and love.

Giving a speech is a part of the mitzvah, and your daughter may have a hard time if she’s shy. Help her out by assuring her you were the same and gave her confidence to accomplish this task.

Gifts to give at a Bat Mitzvah can vary but most common would be money and religious gifts. Don’t forget the rule of 18 which is very popular. Beautiful candlesticks make wonderful and suitable gifts, but they often come from the parents or grandparents.

We’ve seen a real variety of foods served at these types of celebrations. Of course, it’s good to have cake and pastries but keep in mind the rest of the food should be kosher.

The party can include beautiful decorations, inflatable rentals and lots of cool grab bags to pass out to guests. This is the part where you can become creative, and your guests will love it. More importantly, your daughter will remember this celebration for years to come.

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