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Hottest Waterslides for Summer Heat

One of the best ways to beat summer heat is with an inflatable waterslide. They can be used wet or dry, and have splash pools at the end. In some models, the splash pool can be eliminated, the slide can be affixed to an inground pool, and guests are deposited directly into the swimming pool for the ultimate pool party. There are a variety of models to accommodate any size gathering and multiple age groups to ensure everyone has fun.

40 Ft.

The Twister is South Florida’s largest inflatable waterslide, featuring a 40 ft. drop and a curve at the end. The waterslide can be set up without the curve for a watery ride of 110 ft. The Hurricane is another choice that’s highlighted with a 40 ft. drop. The Typhoon is a two-lane slide with a 40 ft. drop for competitive fun that’s great for fundraisers.

38 Ft.

Designed with an astronaut theme, the 38 ft. Space Shuttle waterslide offers two lanes and is decorated with replicas of the space shuttle and the Earth.

36 Ft.

The Tidal Wave is a dual lane slide with a 32 ft. drop, while The Hulk features a blue and green 36 ft. drop and over 100 feet of dual slides.

32 Ft.

The Black Pearl has a 32 ft. drop that takes riders on a ride through a pirate ship themed slide. The All American celebrates the red, white and blue with a hump at the beginning to blast riders down a 70 ft. long slide.

All Sizes

There are a number of options ranging from a 30 ft. drop to a drop of 14 ft. for smaller children. There are models that combine the fun of a waterslide with that of an obstacle course, along with those with two types of ladders – one is a rock climb and the other is steps to the water slide. Individuals can also choose slip and slides of 35 ft. long.

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