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Gift Ideas for Kids That Are Not Technology Related

Many parents are trying to delay, limit or eliminate technology-related items for their children. When faced with an aisle full of talking, beeping and voice-activated toys, it can be temping to give in to the latest tech-enabled devices. Stand firm – there are still multiple gifts for youngsters that are fun and can ignite the flame of imagination.


For children that like to read, few gifts are as welcome as a book. They’re available for all ages, reading levels, and topics range from history to science fiction.

Board Games

There are the tried-and-true selections such as Yahtzee, Candyland, Clue, Monopoly, Sorry and Scrabble. Don’t forget chess, checkers and Chinese checkers that can provide hours of fun. Gift-givers can also choose from a selection of newer game titles that don’t involve technology. They have the advantage of being an activity in which the entire family can participate.

Card Games

Card games are an activity that the whole family can enjoy. One of the best-known is UNO for teens and Go Fish for younger players. Depending on the age of the recipient, there’s Magic: The Gathering and Old Maid to Reigning Unicorns and Tacos vs Burrito.

Building Toys

Many parents will remember Lincoln Logs and they’re still available, though somewhat more difficult to locate. K’NEX uses magnets that enable children to create any fantastical design they desire. LEGO® sets are available in themes ranging from Medieval knights to outer space and historic structures to film-based favorites.

Concert and Show Tickets

Teens can present special challenges where gifts are concerned. One constant is music and any teen will appreciate concert tickets to their favorite music maker. Younger children like shows and extravaganzas as much as their older siblings. Consider show tickets to a live-action show of their favorite animated or film characters.


A bike gives a child a feeling of independence and they’re equally applicable for tots and teens. A bike will also get them outside in the fresh air for some healthy exercise.

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