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6 Parenting Styles Explained

Parenting isn’t an easy endeavor. Child experts do agree, however, that the parenting style that individuals utilize will affect the way children feel about themselves and even how they perform in school. The six basic parenting styles are as follows.


Affection and physical touch are utilized to cement the bond between parent and child. It’s an approach that focuses on balance, consistent care, sensitivity, and positive discipline. Separation from parents is minimalized. Baby-wearing, breast feeding on demand, and skin-to-skin touch are emphasized. Youngsters cry less as babies, feel secure, and have fewer behavior issues. The method can be rewarding for parents, but very exhausting.


This is a very strict approach in which obedience is the goal. Power is achieved through control and input from children isn’t considered. It employs strict rules and harsh discipline and punishment for transgressions. Kids raised in this style make few impulsive decisions, are respectful, and follow rules. The negative aspect is that they have low self-esteem, often feel depressed, are withdrawn, and feel afraid and unwanted.


This parenting style sets firm limits and boundaries for children. Parents are supportive and nurturing, listen to the input of their kids, and use logic to determine each course of action. They employ positive discipline methods and hold youngsters accountable for their own actions. The result is children that are achievers, independent, happy, and maintain good relationships with their parents.


Parents provide supervision of the children and their activities. The emphasis is on allowing each child to mature at their own pace through education and allowing them to take safe risks. Children learn independence, coping skills and resilience. It’s similar to permissive parenting, but with significant differences.


While nurturing and loving, the style tends toward leniency and inconsistency in the discipline department. The style focuses on being a friend rather than a parent. Kids have a great deal of freedom, little structure, and few responsibilities. The parenting style creates kids that are self-confident, creative, and free thinkers. Conversely, they often have difficulty following rules required in the adult world, experience aggression and depression, don’t do well in school, and lack control and social skills.


Parents meet youngsters’ emotional and physical needs, but exert little supervision and offer a lot of freedom. There’s little or no discipline, guidance, attention, or nurturing. There are no expectations for kids to meet. These children grow up with low self-esteem, have trust issues, little self-confidence, and have difficulty forming relationships.

No Right Way

The uninvolved/neglectful parenting style is the most damaging to children and results in long-lasting negative impacts. All children don’t respond in the same way to a single method. It’s possible for a child reared in a loving and compassionate home to be insecure and unprincipled as an adult, while children with strict and domineering parents can grow to be well-balanced adults. Environments of love, acceptance, and safety give kids the best chance of success.

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