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Get out and Play on an Inflatable Waterslide!

Inflatable Waterslide

You don’t have to buy tickets to an expensive water park to have fun or cool off on a hot and humid day. Over six dozen inflatable waterslide variations are available that can be delivered directly to your home. They can be rented as a stand-alone amusement and some options can be set up to deposit merry-makers directly into an existing swimming pool. They’re offered in models appropriate for adults or children.

Today’s inflatable waterslides for teens and adults are offered in multiple sizes. The most popular are 40 ft. in height. Individuals can choose waterslides in a variety of heights to best accommodate the ages of those that will be using it. Some are designed with splash pools at the bottom and in styles with two and three lanes for friendly competitions, while others provide 100 ft. of sliding fun.

The brightly colored entertainments encompass a variety of themes from pirate ships to superheroes. Party-goers can enjoy a water flume recreation or experience the fun of a half-pipe before continuing their waterslide journey to the end. Options are available for the younger generation based on favorite board games.

The proliferation of waterparks featuring waterslides is a testament to their popularity and the overwhelming fun factor. Waterslides for at-home use are no longer constrained to the old-fashioned blue slides that ended by depositing people in a swimming pool. Today’s waterslides are inflatable and represent impressive engineering feats.

Depending upon the height of the slide, angle of descent, and weight of the person, it’s possible for individuals to attain speeds nearing 60 miles per hour as they plummet down to encounter loops, twists and hairpin curves. Few can resist the lure of the drop and quick travel deliberately designed into an inflatable waterslide.

Today’s waterslides aren’t just for children. They’re equally fun for adults of all ages. One of the best things about a waterslide is that the thrill of the adventure is the same no matter how many times you experience it.

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