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What is the Recommended Age for Trampolines?

Youngsters of all ages are enamored with trampolines, but children younger than 6 years old should never be allowed to use a trampoline – even with an adult present or with safety gear. Youngsters of that age don’t have the required motor skills to use a trampoline safely. They’ll try to perform maneuvers they’ve seen others do without the physical ability to achieve them.

Children over the age of 6 shouldn’t use a trampoline unless they’re supervised and have been instructed on behaviors that are allowed. It’s important for adults to understand that injuries resulting from trampoline use frequently occur even with supervision and safety equipment. The devices can provide hours of fun, but they’re a high-risk entertainment. Many pediatric physicians discourage the use of home trampolines.

For those that choose to add a trampoline to their home environment, pads and safety nets are critical. The specialized nets enclose the trampoline, along with its springs and frame, to limit landing spaces to the bouncy portion. Equally important are regular checks of the device to ensure there are no rips, tears, deterioration or detachments.

Trampolines should be placed as close to ground level as possible and never elevated. The greater the distance the trampoline is from the ground, the greater the risk of injuries from a fall. Never set up a trampoline near trees, buildings, fences or other hazards. There are special harnesses that can be used for youngsters interested in learning flying somersaults and other types of maneuvers.

Parents should understand that older youngsters can also be at risk. Trampolining is an Olympic Sport and many children want to imitate the moves they see performed by professional athletes without the knowledge, skill or prowess to do so. Before buying a trampoline, check with the insurer providing the homeowner’s policy. Trampolines might not be covered or may increase insurance costs.

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