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Pre-Event Planning: What not to Overlook

There are dozens of details connected with any type of event, whether it’s a backyard BBQ or an informal wedding reception. Even when people believe a particular detail has been addressed and planned for, they often discover that there are gaps or insufficiencies. The following are some of the most commonly overlooked details.

Guest List

Never rely on word-of-mouth and never issue a blanket invitation via social media. Always send invitations with an RSVP for individuals that may not be computer savvy and make it clear that all invited guests are expected to RSVP.


People are going to eat and drink more than the planned amount and there will inevitably be more people than anticipated. Always plan on an additional amount of food. Many individuals plan simpler menus as a cost-saving measure. It’s far easier and less expensive to serve extra burgers, hotdogs and punch than prime rib, soda and alcoholic beverages.

There will always be those that don’t RSVP, but show up anyway so be prepared. Always ensure that everyone needs to let the host/hostess know about any special dietary requirements ahead of time so vegan dishes and those that are nut or gluten-free can be provided.


Modern guests want activities to engage in and that’s where inflatables are an ideal choice. There are water slides, mazes and lawn games that will keep individuals busy for hours. Don’t forget music and the potential for dancing, along with any pertinent permits for music or serving alcoholic beverages if applicable, along with those for inflatables.


Most home owner’s insurance will cover injuries on the property, but there may be exclusions that leave hosts on the spot for expenses should someone be injured. Check the policy to identify what’s covered and keep a well-stocked first aid kit on hand.

Tents and Canopies

Any number of things can go awry, even at the most carefully planned event. The one thing that can’t be controlled is Mother Nature. Be sure that there’s sufficient seating for each individual so they can rest from the heat and humidity and plan on a canopy or tent where people can cool off or take shelter from any rain or storm that happens to blow through.

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