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Good Old-Fashioned Carnival Food

If you have ever been to a carnival, then you know how much fun those can be. If you have not, you really need to attend one. What makes carnivals stand out is the intoxicating mix of music, fun activities, and very importantly – food. Carnival food is something to behold.

Carnival food is neither gourmet nor will it be served with a sprinkling of cilantro. However, it is one of the reasons why people go to the carnival. It is one of those happy foods that you will have a super fun time indulging in. Most carnival foods are not something you can have every day, and can, therefore, be considered a treat. They are just one of those things you do occasionally because they are fun. Some of these carnival foods include:

  1. Cotton candy

This is one of the carnival originals. Anyone who has been to a carnival will tell you that you cannot say you went to one if you did not have cotton candy. It is especially a treat for children who get to binge on sugar without being restricted. This puffy ball of spun sugar is one of the best things at a carnival.  If you want to feel like a child again, cotton candy will get you there. We know this because, at South Florida Bounce, we have cotton candy machines for parties. Our cotton candy machines are capable of 60 servings of delicious goodness.

  1. Popcorn

Although popcorn cannot be really labeled as a carnival food exclusively, it is a must-have at such events. Despite being found at the movies or the ease of making them from home, there is a special feeling about eating them in a carnival atmosphere. It could be the people, or the music, or all the other activities, atmosphere. But somehow, popcorn tastes better in carnivores.

  1. Hotdogs

We all know how awesome hotdogs are. They are those predominantly American foods that are available at any large gathering or street corner. It is virtually impossible to go to a carnival and not pass by the hotdog stand. That is akin to going to a circus and not seeing the tightrope artists. If the wafting aroma doesn’t lure you in then their sight will.

  1. Corn dogs

These sausages coated in a layer of corn batter are the typical carnival food. They are not the healthiest of meals, so you cannot have them every day. They are, however, the perfect cheat day food. And if you are at a carnivore, you are allowed to spoil yourself a little.

  1. Snow cones

You have not lived if you have never had a snow cone. These shaved-ice treats taste incredible and create an amazing cooling effect during a hot day. They come in different colors and you can even have them in a rainbow. These different colors mean that the snow cones come in different flavors as well. Be careful though, if your child has too many of these, you will have a huge sugar rush to contend with. And we all know how annoying those can be.

Planning an outdoor event this Fall or during the upcoming holiday season? South Florida Bounce & Slide is ready to pack a mean selection of carnival treats for your guests.

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