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Epic Waterslide Rentals for your Teen’s Birthday

Kids of all ages love waterslides and they’re especially popular with teens. Bigger is always better where teens are concerned and South Florida Bounce has some of the most epic waterslide rentals that will make your teen’s birthday party the event of the year.

Inflatable waterslides encompass a wide variety of sizes and themes. South Florida Bounce is also taking extra precautions for sanitation and hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic. Every rental is continually inspected for safety. South Florida Bounce offers the following waterslide rentals sure to please teens.

40-Ft. Tall

The Typhoon and Hurricane models are two-lane, 40-ft. tall slides. The Twister also tops out at 40-ft. in height and is available as a straight slide or can be assembled with a curve at the end.

32-Ft. to 38-Ft.

Coming in at slightly shorter is the 38-ft., two-lane Space Shuttle waterslide. The Hulk is 36-ft. high and features 100 ft of slide that ends in a pool at the end. The 32-ft. All American is highlighted by a cascading drop and a hump that blasts individuals down a 70-ft. long slide before being deposited in a pool at the bottom. Also featuring two lanes and a 32-ft. height is the Black Pearl in the shape of a ship.


Built exclusively for South Florida Bounce, the Tropical Cyclone is 30-ft tall with two sliding lanes at different heights. It’s ideal for teens and tweens that may also be in attendance. The Roaring Rapids waterslide has two lanes, a radical sliding angle and an additional 30 ft. of sliding fun before riders are deposited in a splashdown pool.

For one of the fastest rides available, the Tropical Storm features a super steep sliding angle and a pool at the end. South Florida Bounce is also home to the Purple Paradise and Pipeline. The two-lane waterslides are great for the competitor in every teen and ensures the greatest number of attendees get to take a turn on the company’s selection of epic waterslides.

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