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Who Says Bounce Houses are For Kids?

South Florida Bounce Has Something for Everyone

If you’ve got elected to be on the planning committee for your next corporate party, then you’ll want to pay close attention to this topic. While many parents assume that bounce houses and obstacle courses are for kids, they are also a welcome attraction for adults too. On the contrary, we often see parents sneaking in on the fun when these entertaining items are for a birthday or any celebration. In this blog, we give you a few hints on why inflatables aren’t just for kids to help you get inspired.

First, let’s discuss water slides as they are always a favorite item among both adults and children in South Florida. Since we live in a region that has excellent weather, it’s always a hot ticket to rent one of our many waterslides. Grownups can be seen wearing their favorite swim trunks and suits and slithering down the waterslide for a chance to be amused. Just because you think these attractions are meant for minors doesn’t mean everyone does. We always see parents with their children and a big smile on both faces.

Next, obstacle courses are a load of a grand and gratifying way to spend time during a work picnic or outing. These modern inflatables are perfect for team building and bringing new friends together while competing with one another. Just picture the CEO and the head of HR battling it out with our K2 Cliffhanger. Maybe a contest between team blue and team red battle to the death with Wipeout where they must climb on top of balls and other parts or get knocked over and lose. Many of our available stock can be inflated indoors or in a parking lot for your convenience.

Besides, the pitfalls of joy with an obstacle course, a good old-fashioned bounce house is never boring for big people. Also, you burn a ton of calories while jumping up and down. Where else can you wrestle with your best friend or next-door neighbor in a safe environment? A bounce house is a perfect solution to shake up any party, and it doesn’t matter what your age.

From photo booths to dunk tanks, we’ve got it all for your next party planning schemes. Just remember we serve people of all ages, and there’s something for everyone at South Florida Bounce.

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