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Video Game Addiction

Is there that one level of development that is getting in your child’s way of life? Many parents struggle with the addiction of their children to video games. While video games were considered a significant aspect of personal development as well as an activity for passing time, they have become completely addictive. So, how do you establish the line between video games as fun or as a problem?

Usually, video games were an activity that children undertook in dingy basements, or in bombastic arcades and family vacation car. Parents nowadays cannot escape their far-reaching grasps –they are available online, in tablets, phones, and computers. While smartphones have made it convenient to access video games, they are also to blame for opening a platform where video games come with the bad.

Video games are addictive

Children no longer want to go outside to play. Video games are gradually cutting off their social lives. The majority of them prefer staying indoors to play the games as opposed to playing outside. If you are noticing a trend where your children are into playing video games more than doing their chores or reading, it is highly likely that you are witnessing a sobering possibility of video game addiction.

How to get the kids outside

There is no denying that kids nowadays want to spend every second playing video games. While video games may not be necessarily having a negative impact on your child, a new study on the impacts of video games on children’s behavior revealed that with moderation, video games are actually good.

How then do you get the kids away from their video games?

  • Have occasional outside play dates

Children are fond of places where they get to engage in their favorite activities. An outdoor play date could just fit the part. Make sure that your kids get to meet their friends, perhaps in a lake, creek, or even a park. South Florida Bounce has all that you need for such a play date –bounce house, tents, chairs, and other services.

  • Provide other play items

Tablets, phones, and computers are not the only child’s play gadget you can get. If you wish to get your children outside to play, ensure that you have other items of play with such as buckets, sidewalk chalk, and balls. Such toys will give them a motivation to play outside.

  • Limit their video game involvement

Kids can play video games the whole day. As such, it is important for parents to have a schedule for their kids’ amount of time on screens. Ensure that they spend less time on the games and encourage them to engage in other activities.

  • Increase the child’s level of independence while outside

It always gets fun for the kids when they exercise their independence while outdoors. In most of the cases, children would wish to play more outside the house if they notice that they can achieve the independence they want. However, make sure that you keep them under watch.

Video game addiction is a real problem and it is the role of the parents to ensure that the kids get involved outside the house. Providing alternatives to playing video games is a significant way to succeed in getting kids to play outside.

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