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Schools Out! Celebrate Summer With A Massive Waterslide

Summer is here and school is finally out! It is now time for some summer fun in the sun. It is not unusual for summer fun and water to be mentioned in the same sentence. In fact, it is not possible to think of summer without the prospect of a great time playing on massive waterslides. You can have your pick of our vast array of massive waterslides some of which are detailed below.

The “Hurricane”

This massive 40ft-tall massive waterslide has two lanes! That’s right, one lane is child’s play, two lanes are what have had this massive waterslide earn the moniker “Hurricane”. The “Hurricane” is perfect for large groups of children for those birthday parties that have a large invite list.

The “Twister”

This 40-foot giant of a waterslide is available in a curved and straight design. For a fantastic day in your backyard, you can pick either one of the two and your summer fun will be taken to a whole new level.

Space Shuttle Water Slide

This humongous waterslide is 38ft and is designed to look like a space shuttle. Part of the slide whooshes through a covered section and suddenly opens up before landing you in the shallow dipping pool at the end of the slide.

The Hulk

The Hulk is arguably Florida’s biggest waterslide. Aptly named after the comic hero, Hulk, this waterslide comes in the same shade of green and boasts of the same gigantic proportions at 36ft tall. The slide is a crazy 100 feet of sheer screaming delight which terminates in a shallow pool.

All American

This waterslide is draped in the colors of the American flag in line with its patriotic name. Additionally, it packs its punch in all its 32 feet, coupled with a two-lane slide. The 70ft slide cascades down from a hump which is the main feature of this massive waterslide.


Touted to come taller than your average giraffe, the Tsunami Ride is a 30ft tall, double-lane water slide. In addition to having a double lane that is 70 feet high, the water cascading down the slide plunges you into a tidal pool at the bottom.

Wave Rider

This is a one of a kind waterslide. It has a slide which is over 6 feet wide, and is designed to carry you up one way and then backs down. Moreover, this slide is 27 feet tall and features a half-pipe wave.


Why go to Hawaii when you can surf Hawaii right here in Florida! That’s right, the Pipeline allows two riders to surf its crazy face after climbing up the 30 feet tall dual slide. Additionally, this crazy fun waterslide ends up in a whitewater pool. It is ideal for adults and children.


With such massive waterslide activities slotted for the summer in Florida, how can you pass up the fun? Call us today and book one of our gigantic waterslides and celebrate summer the only way we know how.

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