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South Florida Birthday Party Hacks

It’s safe to say that every parent wants their child’s birthday party to be special.  If you’re anything like the rest of us, you live by Murphy’s Law. That being said, at one point or another we’ve all had to resort to a little bit of hacking. Although hacking sounds like stealing private information from the Internet, being a hack means additional creativity. In this blog, we highlight some of our favorite birthday party hacks for you to try out yourself.

Many of these ideas can be found in places like Pinterest. One creative way of making a hand washing station for your party involves a 5-gallon water cooler with spigot, to short bungee cords, a plastic paper towel holder with adhesive strips, and the utility bucket. Fill the water jug with water, place on the ends of a picnic table, remove adhesive strip on the back of the paper towel holder and stick onto the water cooler. Next, use bungee cords to secure paper towel holder in place. Place empty bucket to catch excess water. Place hand sanitizer or anti-batch soap and voila, you have a portable hand washing station.

Looking for a new way to present healthy snacks such as veggie tray or fruit? These two hacks are super easy and will make you look like a hero. Add sliced fruit to skewers and serve in place of cake or less health-conscious foods. Remove and seed the tops of two Bell peppers and use for serving bowls for ranch dressing, in an effort to give your veggie tray a fresh presentation.

Looking for the ultimate gift to give to your guests? Why not give them a puppy? Not a real puppy, instead place small stuffed animals that look like puppies in a white basket or a dog bed at the end of the party allow your guests pick the puppy of their choice. This is a great idea rather than giving gift bags or some other novelty idea.

When you live in a place like South Florida, bugs a can be annoying, uninvited guests.  Keep the little pests out of drinks with decorative muffin tins. Use a hole punch and place a hole in the center bottom of the muffin cup, tip upside down over an 8-ounce glass, add a straw. Not only does the muffin tins keep the bugs out away, the presentation can match the rest of your party decor making it functional and beautiful.

In addition to keeping bugs away, rather than serving ice cream use muffin cups.  Use one scoop per cup and serve to guests. This is the perfect solution for preventing ice cream from melting everywhere. Not only is this functional, it makes you look like a genius.

This and other party ideas can be found on our blog weekly. For more information regarding party rentals, contact our offices for the best selection in bounce houses, waterslides and obstacle courses.

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