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South Florida Bounce and Winter Events

BBQ Recipes for Your South Floridian Parties, Events, and Holiday Celebrations

This time of year, is one of the most favored in South Florida. The holiday decorations, kids excited for a multitude of reason and the temperature is ideal for having large parties and events outdoors. Here are a few recipe’s just right for you to test out on your guests that just might make your family favorite list!

South Florida Beef Brisket


4 lbs. of Beef Brisket

Garlic Powder

Kosher Salt

Onion Powder

1.2 lb. of bacon cooked and drained (crispy)

¼ C Brown Sugar

3 Tablespoons of ketchup

1/3 C Apple Cider Vinegar

Sear the brisket in a frying pan until it’s cooked with a crispy crusty shell. Transfer to a slow cooker or barbeque grill and cook until tender.

Crock Pot Cook on high for up to 4-6 hours. If you bake it in the oven go low and slow at 275 degrees, the crust locks in the juices and stays crunchy. Bask the juices. If you grill this bad boy, then leave it on for 5-6 hours and at 275.

This smoky, robust brisket is perfect for small family gatherings. The ingredients without accurate measures next to them allows you to use these spices at your leisure and to your preference. When you get a bite for the first time, you’ll be calling to thank us!

Bacon Brussel Sprouts

The mix of bacon and Brussels sprouts is an exciting way to serve this super food and keep it super tasty. Buy bacon from the deli or by it uncut and then chop in chunks sear until well done. Add your sprouts, sprinkle with a light layer of garlic powder and a handful of pecans. Add a tablespoon of real butter. Once it’s melted, sauté the veggies, nuts, and meat until the sprouts are tender.

Healthy Green Latkes


  1. 2 eggs scrambled
  2. 1/2 teaspoon Kosher Salt
  3. one teaspoon baking powder
  4. 3 Tablespoons matzah meal or flour
  5. 1 small onion
  6. 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  7. one large potato
  8. 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  9. Handful of Fresh Kale
  10. peanut oil

Chop the kale after it’s been washed and drained on paper towel. Grate the potato drain on paper towel. Heat oil in a pan. Mix eggs and then add the vegetables, eggs, and dry ingredients. Form pancakes into balls and heat in hot oil till crisp, smash to pancakes after the bottom of the ball is crisp. Drain before serving.


These are just a few great recipes to try that you’ll enjoy, be sure to share with your friends and family. Best Wishes during the Seasons.

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