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Throw a Fun Fall Party

Children love everything about Halloween and it’s a favorite with adults. The popularity of Halloween is second only to Christmas. A fun fall party can satisfy the fun of Halloween and celebrate the autumn season with a multitude of activities. The following are just a few of the activities that can be utilized for the trendiest fall parties.


The orange fruits can be carved or painted, depending upon the ages of the children. Some innovative party planners are holding parties during which youngsters decorate their pumpkins by using a hairdryer to melt crayons and letting the wax drip over them. Don’t try this without adult supervision. For an outdoor activity, try removing the stem from mini pumpkins and try pumpkin bowling.


The traditional defenders of cornfields throughout the ages are also fun decorations to make. Stuffing a life size scarecrow isn’t necessary. Mini scarecrows and versions thereof can be constructed with jars filled with candy corn, craft sticks and Styrofoam, plastic flower pots, or even paper bags and crayons for the youngest scarecrow fans. Be sure to have accessories on hand for faces and other features.

Creepy Snacks

Almost everyone has heard about peeled grapes to imitate eyeballs, but there’s a myriad of ideas to try from a spider web cake decorated with plastic arachnids to frosted Rice Krispy treats that emulate ghosts. Add some green food coloring to create a batch of toxic mac and cheese or create edible hairy spider legs with breadsticks coated with parmesan cheese.

Bounce House

For easy and convenient fall party entertainment, consider a bounce house shaped like a pumpkin, castle or haunted house. They’re popular entertainments that can be combined with carnival games, interactive activities, virtual simulators, and fun food machines if desired.

Fun Options

All the activities designed for a fun fall party can be adjusted and scaled to accommodate multiple age groups, interest levels and budgets. Autumn and Halloween are synonymous with spooky fun and as the second most popular holiday, deserves a classic party to celebrate.

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