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Three Stress Saving Ideas for Planning Your Child’s Party

Celebrities are spending $200,000 for a child’s birthday party, while social media influencers are touting “bigger is better” ideas for gatherings. It tempts parents to spend more than they need to on their child’s party and focus on things rather than the child. The following tips can help you stop the madness, plan a stress-free party that will keep youngsters entertained, and won’t break your budget.

Invest in an Experience Instead of a Party

There are dozens of options for this, depending on the age of the attendees. Consider going bowling, taking everyone to that must-see movie, or going to an arcade. There’s almost no planning involved at all, other than creating a guest list and convincing a couple of other parents to help keep an eye on everyone. Parents simply drop their children off at the appointed location and pick them up at a pre-determined time.

Keep Food and Beverages Simple

If you’re planning a trip to the zoo or similar locale, seriously consider packing a picnic for everyone. Some locations have on-site grills if you want to cook hotdogs on the spot Consider ordering pizza or subs for a truly stress-free meal.

Forget About a Theme

Themes can be fun, but you’ll spend far more time trying to obtain matching napkins, paper plates and cups, along with games, decorations and party favors, than the entire party will last.

Focus on What’s Important

Know your budget and stay within it. Your child’s life isn’t going to be ruined if you can’t swing a traveling petting zoo or a local celebrity visit.

Limit the guest list to the number of people you can comfortably accommodate, whether the event takes place at home or somewhere else. Just because your child wants to invited the entire class doesn’t mean you’re obligated to do so. It doesn’t affect the quality of the party.

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