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Organizing A Winter Festival? Try Our Interactive Games.

It’s not just the summer months that are perfect for celebrating outdoors, our year-round warm weather means that you can hold fabulous festivals in the winter time too.

This year, why not celebrate the holiday season with a winter festival for your friends and neighbors?  Bring the community together with live entertainment, tasty winter treats and lots of interactive games for all the family to join in with.

If you are looking for inspiration on how to get everyone involved this winter, try one of our top interactive games at your winter festival in South Florida.


As one of the earliest arcade games, and an ever-popular redemption game, folk go mad for rolling balls up the inclined lanes, earning themselves valuable points values as they progress through the game. An old-school favorite, our fabulous, inflatable, three-lane Skee-Ball is a great way to entertain festival-goers of all ages.

Total Meltdown

Test your stamina, agility and reaction times with this supersized Redneck Game that will really test your metal.  Who will be the last man (or woman) standing as up to eight players duck underneath or jump over the foam boom, as not one but two spinning arms try to take you out and knock you off your podium?

Human Hungry Hippo

Bringing one of your favorite board games to life, our Human Hungry Hippo is a blast that will have everyone laughing with glee.  You and three friends can get your competition on as you try to gobble up as many of the balls as possible while being attached to a bungee cord.  You will probably fall over at some point, but oh-boy you will have the best fun ever with this interactive challenge game.

Human Foosball

This game is awesome!  Get 10 of your best guys and gals together to create your very own life-sized foosball game. Shimmy from side to side on flexible rods to try and prevent the other team from scoring a goal, while you try to score the winning goal for your own team.  Hysterically good fun, this is a great team building exercise for up to 10 players at a time.

Zap A Mole

Another oversized version of an arcade classic, this inflatable fun game is perfect for testing the speed of your reactions, as you compete against your very best friend. Designed for the digital generation, IPS lights on top of the mole heads will illuminate and you need to be the first to hit them with your bat. Zap each light as much as possible to win more points and beat your opponent. A great game, simple yet fun and utterly addicting.

Human Snow Globe

OK, so technically this is not a game, but it does make for a great photo opportunity.  Our Giant Snow Globe Photo Booth comes complete with different backgrounds and is perfect for capturing special memories of your winter festival in South Florida this year.  FYI – Snow Globe photos are also trending on Instagram this winter, so get snapping and tagging this winter.

Interactive Games for Your Winter Festival from South Florida Bounce

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