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Keeping Kids Active During Pandemic

Every parent knows how quickly children can become bored, especially while quarantining due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the attention span varies with age, eventually every parent will hear the all too familiar refrain of “There’s nothing to do.” To help relieve the boredom, the following are some ideas that parents can employ to keep youngsters active and limit screen time on mobile devices.

  1. There are dozens of inflatable amusements that can be rented ranging from waterslides and bounce houses to obstacle courses, mazes, and yard games.
  2. Bike riding combines healthy exercise with fresh air that will also benefit restful slumber.
  3. Children of all ages love forts and it’s easy to build one at home with sheets and blankets.
  4. It’s easy to enjoy the fun of camping in the great outdoors from the safety of the back yard.
  5. Chalk art has become a popular way of getting children outdoors while encouraging their artistic abilities.
  6. An at-home scavenger hunt is easy to stage and will keep youngsters busy for hours.
  7. Go old school with hula-hoops, marbles, hop-scotch, and jump ropes, all of which are outdoor games.
  8. Tag and freeze tag are perennial favorites for children of all ages.
  9. Hide-and-seek is a game that never goes out of style.
  10. For families with a pool, a game of Marco Polo can be invigorating.
  11. Wall ball is great for building coordination and works particularly well if children don’t have siblings with which to play.
  12. Virtually every child has played “the floor is lava” in the house and it’s equally fun when played outdoors.
  13. Dance parties provide fun and active movement. Parents can look up new dances for the kids to learn.
  14. The classic game Twister is easy to play outdoors and will have participants laughing – something everyone needs right now.

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