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Carnival Games Everyone Loves

If you ever find yourself reminiscing about the carnival, you most likely will remember the rides, the smell of the cotton candy and caramel apples and the stuffed animal you got after ten attempts at throwing a ring around the bottle. In fact, if you’ve ever attended a carnival or fair, you know the games are one of the best reasons to go to these places. Here’s a walk down memory lane that will help you remember the awesome times you had either as a kid or as a parent.

South Florida is full of fun especially when you visit one of the local carnivals in town. Other than the ring toss, one game you might remember is Dart Throw where there are several balloons tacked to a board, and if you break one, you get a prize. Seems easy enough, right? Think again. It never seemed like it was a quick try toward successfully bursting one of these inflatables. This game is by far a favorite among carnival goers everywhere.

Next in line for the games favored by millions is the shooting gallery. Before there were video games, we used to take our chances at winning prizes by shooting a toy rifle from a bar stool. That game is still found today at many of the local charity and fundraising events hosted by the cities throughout the state of Florida. Gotta love those characters or ducks that move around on the conveyor belt as well.

In addition to the more typical games found at the carnival, Skeeball continues to be a top-choice in both indoor and outdoor parks. Not surprising as you roll one of the balls up toward the rings to get a nice surprise. Who can’t enjoy this game of pure skill?

One of the newest attractions you’ll find is our inflatable obstacle course where players are challenged with things like balance and stamina as a revolving pole tries to knock components over. Not only is this a game of fun, but it’s also a game to be an observer. You’ll have a great time watching the complicated moves each contestant should make to stay in the match.

These, of course, are just a few of the favorites for you to reminisce. Keep your eyes on the prize and just remember we’re only a phone call away from making your event one remember with a bounce house, obstacle course or waterslide!

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