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A Waterslide Is A Great Addition To Your Party

A Waterslide Is A Great Addition To Your Party

Hooray! The long cold winter months are finally behind you. What else is on your mind right now rather than how best to enjoy the outdoors? Spring is an appropriate time to host a party. You can no longer resist the urge to organize that baby shower, bridal shower, graduation party, backyard barbecue or poolside party you have been postponing. Some of the ideas you can exploit include having cake, food, skewered meat, some music, interactive games, and a few drinks. The goal is to have everyone enjoy and get into the party mood.

Have you ever thought of having a waterslide at your party? Here are ways it can stoke the fun and keep everyone from going home early.

Drop a hint during invitations

Waterslides are not the preserve of kids alone. Adults too can have a great time. While sending invites, inform your guests that there will be a poolside surprise. Remind them to bring necessities such as sunscreen, bathing suit, towel, flip-flops, and sunglasses. Let the visitors come to your place with anticipation. Do not disclose what lies in store yet.

Rent a waterslide

Surprise your guests with a flashy water slide. Excellent choices include ‘The Hulk,’ ‘MudSlide,’ ‘The Twister with Curve,’ or the ‘Tsunami’. The Twister is a 40ft tall waterslide featuring two slides to make sure that your guests (both kids and adults) do not have to wait too long for their turn. It also features a curve at the end terminating in a landing pool. Guests at your party will remember the thrill of sliding from a height of 40 feet for many months to come. Alternatively, go for “The Hulk” variety that also comprises of dual slides with the fun beginning at 36 feet.

Get a Bounce House if you don’t have water

In case you find it hard to get enough water for a slide, try bounce houses. There are different varieties to choose from. Colorful themes available include candy, sports, disco and Zoo Island. All it takes is to have the bounce house inflated after which your home is ready for fun. Obstacle courses are a fun addition as well and are sure to tire out the most active of the bunch!  You can’t go wrong with an inflatable at your party.

Set the party

On the day of the event, have the slide rental company inflate it at the designated spot. Do this early in the morning to allow the water to get warm just in time for the action. To create a break and provide variety, have a game of, say, badminton to keep the fun rolling.

In conclusion

Waterslides add flavor to a backyard party. To keep everyone anxious, request them to carry items they would need for a swimming outing. Rent a slide from the many options available and choose one with double slots to minimize waiting time.

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