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Kids Party Essentials

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Kids of all ages love a party, but it’s essential to have some party games and activities planned to keep them fully engaged. With the wide range of affordable inflatables available, a kid’s party can take many forms. Hosts can choose a waterslide for a beach theme, inflatable carnival games, or even a rock-climbing wall. The choices are almost endless and there are options for youngsters of any age.

There are inflatable mazes, virtual roller coasters and bungee trampolines from which to choose, along with robo surfers and skateboarding games. Guests can test their skills on a ninja wall, in Zorb balls, mini golf, human foosball and Hungry Hungry Hippo for younger children. Kids interested in tech-related activities can engage in interactive space activities, a disco dome, sumo arena or human size lawn games.

For those that prefer an old-school approach, there’s always musical chairs, bean bag toss, treasure hunt, and clothespin drop. Water balloon fights and variations such as water balloon bust is a great way to let kids have good, clean fun while staying cool. A bucket toss is always fun and an old-school approach introduces today’s kids age 5-12 to games with which they may not be familiar.

Pass the Parcel requires a little preparation, but it’s an especially fun game for younger children. The game can also be played so that every child receives a lollipop or other small prize so no one feels left out. An egg toss is popular with teens and tweens, especially if raw eggs are being used. A pinata always guarantees a good time – just be sure to keep other children far from the child swinging at the pinata.

There are party games and activities for children of any age and to accommodate any budget. It doesn’t matter whether hosts choose an old-school approach or opt for one or more inflatables for the party, children are sure to be pleased.

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