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Does General Liability Insurance Cover Bounce Houses?

Parents want to treat their children to some summer fun and one of the ways they’re doing that is through bounce house rentals. What individuals should know is that there’s always the potential for an injury. General liability is a component of homeowner’s insurance and will typically cover any injuries that may occur. However, it’s always best to check first.

Rental Companies

The injury potential with a bounce house is present, even when youngsters are highly supervised and when renting from a reputable company. It’s equally important that the rental company has insurance and their plan also covers injuries. The company may not be held liable, but individuals always have the option of suing.

Businesses and Organizations

Businesses, church groups, schools and non-profit organizations are just some of the entities that may rent a bounce house. General liability insurance will usually cover the cost of an injury. However, if the business or organization is found not to be liable, the parents may file a lawsuit.

Before renting any type of amusement, it’s best that individuals meet with their insurance representative to identify any potential gaps or blind spots. Business coverage for bounce houses and similar types of entertainments may be less expensive when combined with standard liability for a more comprehensive level of protection.

Additional Coverage

If for some reason a homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover things like bounce houses or trampolines, many insurance companies will include the coverage as an addition to the regular homeowner’s policy – at an additional cost.

Before Renting

Every homeowner, business and organization should consult with their insurance agent before renting a bounce house to ensure they’re covered in the event of an injury. There are many instances that are covered without being explicitly listed, while others are named risks. While general liability insurance will usually cover any injuries that happen, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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