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Keeping your Yard Mosquito Free

Mosquitos perform an important function as a food source for a variety of avians and predator insects. Their bite is also itchy and has the potential to spread a wide variety of illnesses and diseases to people and pets. You don’t want them in your yard and the following tips are effective at helping to keep the unwanted pests at bay.

Eliminate Standing Water

A mosquito only needs a bottle cap of water to lay eggs and multiply. They mature into water nymphs in just four days, meaning it’s critical to eliminate standing water as soon after a rain as possible and be vigilant about areas where dew collects. Water toys, gardening tools, kiddy pools, and gutters blocked by debris are all places where mosquitos can breed. The water in birdbaths should be changed regularly.

Use Screens

If you open your windows, make sure to use a screen that fits securely in the window. Window screens and screened in porches should be checked to ensure they don’t have spaces large enough to let the insects enter and seals are secure.

Mow, Trim and Fill

Mosquitos hide in tall grass and shaded areas. Keep your lawn mowed, use a trimmer to get around edges, and use a saw to cut back trees and bushes if necessary to let in some sunlight. If your yard has areas that collect water after a rain, fill them in and plant grass.

Use a Fan

Using a fan outdoors may sound odd, but studies have demonstrated a fan is the most effective way to keep mosquitos away, beating out citronella candles, geraniol diffusers, and plant-based repellants. It’s hard for a mosquito to fly against the wind generated from a fan and the device also aids in dispersing carbon dioxide from humans that attracts them.

Long Sleeves and Repellant

If you must be outdoors, minimize exposure by wearing long sleeves, pants, and use an insect repellant that contains DEET. Avoid going outside at dawn or dusk – prime feeding times for mosquitoes.

Hire a Professional

If all else fails and you’re still being bugged by mosquitoes, hire a professional that can treat your lawn and yard with effective chemical solutions. Don’t attempt to do it yourself. The chemicals must be specific and applied in the proper way to prevent harm to people, pets, and wildlife.

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