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Event Rentals that will Wow your Guests

event rentals

Everyone wants to know that their event is a success and will be talked about for years to come. With the extensive range of rentals available, you can conduct any event that will wow your guests. Rentals can be used as stand-alone features and a wide variety of themed events can be planned to accommodate parties where adults and children will be in attendance.


One of the most often sought rentals are waterslides. Stand-alone models are available featuring multiple lanes and splash pools. There are also waterslides that can be incorporated into an existing swimming pool for additional fun.

Obstacle Courses

For the competitive-minded, try renting an obstacle course for your adrenaline-fueled guests. You can choose from multiple themes. Rentals are available from corn mazes to those featuring gladiator-type challenges. Attendees can storm a fortress or participate in a warrior rock climb. Obstacle courses are offered that accommodate adults and children.

Interactive Games

The range of interactive games is extensive. You can book a bungee trampoline, virtual rollercoaster, or “hamster ball” game. Mini golf, outer space challenges, a sumo arena, and full-size yard games that mimic table top favorites place guests in the middle of the action.

Carnival Games

For those that miss the fun and excitement of fairs and carnivals, you can rent options ranging from toddler playlands and bounce houses to dunk tanks and carnival games. Try your luck at the ring toss, balloon pop and zap a mole, along with basketball toss and the always popular skee ball, cash cube and photo booth.

Food Machines

No party would be complete without food and you can even eliminate complicated meal prep and cooking by renting a food machine. Cotton candy, snow cone and popcorn machines are offered, along with hotdog steamers to provide your guests with more substantial fare.

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