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How to Have Fun at Your Family Reunion

So, the big day approaches. You’ve sent out the invites, made all the phone calls, tidied the house and yard and purchased enough food to feed an army. Any minute now, your entire family will be at your doorstep for a good, old fashioned family get-together.

There will be music and laughter and happiness and food and drinks and fun – all the things that make family parties such fantastic events.  But this time around, why not kick things up a gear and present your nearest and dearest with a backyard full of awesome inflatables?

The kids will go crazy with delight when they see the 135-foot long Adrenaline Challenge Obstacle Course just waiting for them to climb on.  This snaking, inflatable assault course is designed for players to race through in complete safety, where family members can race against each other or race against the clock.

It’s not just those energy-fueled young ones that get to have all the fun either.  Adults can blast their way through the Adrenaline Challenge Obstacle Course too, whooping and hollering as they work hard to beat each other to the inflatable finish line.

Power up the fun with a Boys vs Girls game of foosball or recreate your very own Geller Cup on a giant inflatable foosball set-up.  These competitive inflatables are great fun and totally safe, as everything is padded so there won’t be any need to worry about broken bones or black eyes over the dinner table later. Well, not unless Uncle Frank eats all the hot dogs again.

Add a bounce house to your inflatable theme park and watch as the kids go full-tilt crazy. Bounce houses are perfectly safe and a great way for them to burn off all the energy the little ones have accumulated from all that candy they’ve been eating all day. Adults can retire to it later too for a more sedate hop about, using up the last of their juice before settling down for some chow.  Or, you know, jump in with the kids and show them how it’s done!

Complete your family-friendly inflatable surprise with your very own inflatable saloon bar. Yes, you read that right. A saloon bar, straight out of the Wild West, only fully inflatable.

It’s the perfect way to keep the children refreshed during the day and the adults equally refreshed in the evening. It even comes complete with inflatable bar stools. Just maybe don’t wear your spurs on this occasion.

Inflatable for All the Family from South Florida Bounce

As a family run business, we appreciate the importance of having your nearest and dearest around you.  Have a ball with a day of inflatable fun, courtesy of our inventory of inflatables and party games.

We can deliver to your home or neighborhood and will come to collect when the party is over.  From simple bounce houses to keep the kids entertained to entire activity center set-ups, we have everything you need to make your next family reunion the most memorable ever.

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