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5 Bounce House Safety Rules for a Fun Party

Few youngsters can resist the springiness of a bounce house and it’s one of the most often sought inflatables for parties involving young children. They’re also one of the top rentals by church groups and non-profit organizations for community events. Before making the decision to rent a bounce house for a children’s party, there are 5 critical safety rules that everyone should know and enforce.

Adult Supervision

An adult should be present at all times when a child is in a bounce house. Never leave children unattended. The adult will be responsible for monitoring youngsters and ensuring that too many children aren’t in the inflatable at the same time. Inflatables also have weight limits for each child. Try to place children of a similar size in the bounce house at the same time.

Bounce houses are never safe for children under the age of 6 – they lack the coordination and balance needed to use them. Set rules that no tumbling, flips or wrestling is allowed and remove any child that doesn’t follow the rules.

Pick a Place

The location where a bounce house will operate is a critical safety component. The ground should be flat, free of sticks and rocks, and not set on any protrusions such as irrigation sprinkler heads. Never set bounce houses near sheds, fences or other type of structures. Take care that the inflatable isn’t near overhead electric lines or tree limbs.

Shoes and Sharp Objects

It’s important that youngsters remove shoes, jewelry and other items before they enter the inflatable. Be sure that children aren’t carrying anything in their pockets that could potentially puncture the bounce house.

Weather Concerns

Never let children in the bounce house in weather conditions that are rainy or windy, if lightning is seen, or thunder is heard. Wind that are strong enough to blow about small branches, dust or paper presents a danger to a bounce house and those using it. Have children exit and move them to a safe area.

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