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Most Expensive Kid Parties in the World!

It’s safe to say that most of us parents wants what’s best for our children. We work hard to give them whatever they want or desire, and that is especially true when it comes to birthdays, graduations, and any other event. Don’t feel bad if you’re still paying off your credit card from your son’s 5th birthday even if he’s in his twenties. If you think you may have overdone it or are curious what the affluent spend on their children’s parties, then read on.

  • The first major expensive blowout party that comes to mind is Elizabeth Brooks where her loving father spent a ballpark of $10 million. His baby girl was turning 13 so David Brooks hired a few bands such a 50 Cent and Aerosmith to party it up with his kid. Insanely enough the cost of the private jet was 1/10 of the budget on Brook’s plane. Next time you open your checkbook, think about the Brooks and tell yourself, you’re getting a deal.
  • If Chuck E Cheese is more your speed, then this next citing will certainly blow you away. Just imagine Wolfgang Puck whipping up tacos in your kitchen. Tom Cruise threw daughter Siri Cruise her second birthday that included butterflies and Puck catering. Insane in the membrane Tom.
  • Granted your kid is graduating is a huge deal. Without a doubt, many of us are thriving on the idea; they will get jobs one day. However, DJ Cuppy must have been proud when he rented the entire restaurant for daughter, Otedola’s big day. Forget the bar be cue; I want what they’re having at $200 a plate! This place is so Boosie; world-renowned Chef Alain Ducasse is the head of the kitchen. Must say, impressive.
  • Just like the graduating kid theory, equally is the wedding for your child. The tradition of the bride’s parents flipping the bill for the ceremonies is one alive today. However, not too many parents can say they fronted $7 million dollars making it one of the most expensive weddings for the US. Although it might be safe to guess, many of these parties rented entertainment of some type we just wonder if any of these parties included bounce houses? We’d like to think they did.

If you’d like to learn more about these parties, visit the individual links to their stories. These are all excellent ways to celebrate, even those with a budget can agree, it’s not the party, it’s how much you love them that counts.


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