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The Importance of Physical Activity For Kids

The importance of physical activity for kids is an issue that has been brought up time again. I know that as a parent I have tried to encourage my children to be active, but I also realize that some of them are resistant. This resistance is often due to fear of the unknown or the fact that they do not know the benefits of being physically active. The truth of the matter is that there are plenty of great reasons to get your kids physically active.

One of the most important reasons to get your kids involved in physical activity is for their well-being. Studies have shown that children who are more active are less likely to develop serious health problems in their later years than those who are more sedentary. Just like adults, children need to burn off calories and have fun in order to remain mentally healthy and physically fit. The more fun they have the better chances there are that they will engage in physical activity.

The second reason that we have to make sure that our children are getting some type of physical activity is for their physical growth. We all want our children to be strong and healthy, but if they are not developing properly, they are at risk for many health problems down the road. Many times parents will try to force physical activities on their children that they just do not want to do. This can lead to physical injuries as well as psychological problems for your child.

Getting your child involved in some kind of physical activity that they enjoy can help them to develop at a proper pace. Maybe it’s a sports team, or a dance class, or just a weekly trip to the local park with some friends. Any of these activities should be fun and will be something your child will want to do regularly.

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