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We’re well-known for our water slides, but what many don’t know is that we have a range of over 40 interactive games to keep children and adults occupied for hours. Our games encompass virtual experiences to competitive activities that engage and entertain whether it’s a home party, fundraiser or corporate event.

The Bungee Trampoline combines the excitement of bungee jumping with trampoline fun. Users can experience the fun of “flight” and execute aerial maneuvers with bungee cords that enable individuals to go 20 feet into the air.

Our 25-foot tall Rock Wall provides opportunities for novices and experienced climbers. It will accommodate children of 35 lbs. to 220-lb. adults.

The Virtual Roller Coaster accommodates 30 different experiences with a simulator capable of providing scenarios that include sci-fi and horror to adventure and those that are oriented for children. The simulator can provide the sensation of going 90 mph, depending on the scenario.

Explore distant worlds with the Warp Speed Interactive Arena. Individuals can engage in 1-on-1 play or create two teams of two people.

With Total Meltdown, up to eight people can test their stamina, agility and endurance as spinning boom arms attempt to knock participants off their perches.

Our inflatable Corn Maze is 40×40-ft. with 12-ft. high walls. False starts and dead ends ensure fun for everyone.

Soccer Darts is the must-play trend that utilizes a giant dart board and it’s up to players to kick the self-adhering football darts to score and win the game.

Interactive games also include giant hamster balls, mini golf, Human Foosball, and the classic electronic version of Zap a Mole. Individuals can choose the ever popular 3 Lane Skee Ball for arcade fun, a Dance/Disco Dome Bounce House, “Plinko,” and Cash Cube.

There’s never a dull moment with our interactive games and everyone has a good time no matter what their interests. It’s just one of the reasons we’re a top-rated provider of year-round fun.

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