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10 Great Tech Gifts for The Holidays

These days, technology is a huge part of our every day lives.  It should be no surprise then, that some of the most popular Holiday gifts this season are robotic vacuum cleaners, alarm clocks that work with light and cameras that allow you to talk to your dog from anywhere in the world.  Innovative and incredibly unique, tech gifts are more popular than ever this December.

Here are 10 of the very best for your list.

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

This is a great idea.  Show your distant friends and family members that they are in your thoughts with a Long-Distance Friendship Lamp that will light up when you are thinking about them.  Tap the top of your lamp at home, and the other one will light up too, no matter how far away it is. So cute, and a great way to keep in touch all year round.

A Camera to Keep Tabs on Your Dog

Keep an eye on what your pooch is up to while you are out at work with a dog camera.  Not only can you check that they are indeed being a good boy, but you can also use an App to communicate with them and even toss them treats when it’s time for a snack.

 A Smart Garden

No room in the yard to grow veggies?  No problem!  A smart garden uses hydroponic growing systems to enable you to grow your own herbs and salad greens from pre-seeded plant pods.  Very cool for those who like to grow their own.

A Natural Alarm Clock

Thanks to our own internal circadian rhythm, we all wake up naturally when the sunlight comes streaming in.  Emulate a natural, more gentle wake up with a light that simulates sunlight to help you start your day feeling fresh and energized.

A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

These look so much fun!  Robot vacuum cleaners will clean your carpets, rugs, tiles and even hardwood floors while you get on with something else.  Simply map your room and switch it on.  It won’t fall down the stairs or bump into your furniture, and you can even control it with you Amazon Echo or Google Assistant.

Waterproof Speakers

Who doesn’t like singing in the shower?  Turn every shower into a show stopper with waterproof speakers that allow you to listen to your favorite tunes even under the water.

A Smart Blender

Guilt-free blending is here, with smart blenders that help you to monitor your healthy intake and cut out unwanted carbs and sugars. These health-conscious and fitness-focused blenders are perfect for making smoothies that are actually good for you.

A Capsule Projector

Turn any room into a movie theatre with a portable capsule projector.  Small in stature but big on technology, they can also offer 360 round sound and work with your smartphone to display movies on the big screen, wherever you are.

A Video Doorbell

Be able to see who is knocking at your door, even when you are not home.  Video doorbells let you see, hear and speak to visitors simply by using your phone, tablet or computer.

A Digital Photo Frame

Not new to the market, but these photo screens are still a very special way to show someone that you are thinking of them.  Choose your favorite photos and keep them on display at all times, as the frame cycles through your favorite shots in a perpetual slideshow.

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