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Rentals for Your Office Party

Office parties are typically tame affairs that are long on food and drinks, but short on entertainment. There are a number of rentals available to ensure seating and comfort, along with amusements that are designed strictly with fun in mind.

Chairs, Tables & Tents

One of the most overlooked essentials for any party is adequate tables and seating, whether the party is held inside or outdoors. Individuals can choose from cocktail tables, along with standard round and rectangular tables, and folding chairs. There are even child size tables and chairs for family-oriented parties. Don’t forget tents so attendees can take a rest out of the sun.


Anyone can create a playlist for a holiday party, but a karaoke machine offers an extra level of fun. It’s a unique form of live entertainment that connects singers with the audience in a sense of camaraderie.

Photo Booth

Adults are as eager to post photos on their social media accounts as teens. There’s nothing like a photo booth to create a memento of the party and a memory for social media. Party planners can also choose a 15-ft. snow globe for a unique photo op.


Carnival type games are popular at any time of year and inflatable booths are available to accommodate activities ranging from the milk can knock-over and balloon bust to ring toss. Individuals can also rent Games On The Go, a rolling video game experience featuring over 300 games

Mechanical Bull

Take employees back to the days of old with a mechanical bull. It’s a great way for party-goers to have fun while working off some of the inevitable stress.

Snow Cannon

For those that want to celebrate in a winter wonderland, rent a snow cannon and transform an outdoor party into the scene of an impromptu snowball fight.

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