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Why Arts Education is Important

Many schools have eliminated a variety of traditional classes as cost cutting measures or to accommodate curriculum courses that prepare students for standardized testing. Art is typically one of the first classes on the chopping block, despite the many ways in which it benefits students.

Art is important at every age, whether it’s a first grader expressing themselves with color or high school students learning how to work with clay. While what they learn usually won’t turn into a profession, the knowledge and skills they gain will be useful throughout their lifetime, particularly in creative careers.

Most people automatically think about painting in regard to art, but it includes much more. It encompasses the disciplines of painting, sculpting, dance and drama – to name a few. The following are just some of the reasons that arts education is important.

  1. Youngsters learn problem solving skills. How to convey emotion through color or dance are prime examples.
  2. Just as learning to color within the lines teaches control of motor skills, so does learning new forms of art at any age.
  3. Art expands perspective and encourages critical thinking, thereby providing an opportunity for students to view the world in new and different ways.
  4. Education in the arts is inclusive and provides students with a chance to connect with their own culture, along with others around the world and how art relates in societal and historical contexts.
  5. The ability to take risks arises from self-confidence, an essential element for success and one that students learn through participation in the arts.
  6. Students at all levels of education are four times more likely to achieve greater academic success when they participate in art classes.
  7. Some studies have indicated that students that receive arts education in school experience fewer disciplinary actions, have higher attendance rates, score better on tests, and have increased graduation rates.

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