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Parenting by Example: Imagination, Creativity, & Relaxation

When children grow up in a world that is full of electronics and other distractions it can be difficult for them to use their imagination. As parents, we need to encourage our kids in thinking outside of their current surroundings to explore other avenues. Let’s face it, without imagination and creativity, the world would be a much grimmer existence. You’re job as the mom or dad is to give your kids the green light to use their imaginations. Here’s how you do just that.

First, if you’re a busy parent like most of us, take the time out to explore your own imagination. Meditate, daydream or just lie quietly with eyes closed and erase all day to day stress. Encourage the kids to try this as well.  Everyone can benefit from a little quiet time. Allow new thoughts to come in and old ones to move out. Think of nature, taking a ride on your bike or even planting a garden. The point here is to allow your mind to be free enough to get your imagination flowing.

Next, set a good example.  We are just as guilty of spending too much time on our devices.  Kids notice this. Make a rule to take a break from all electronic devices for a period each day. That includes you! Since we spend way too much time looking at Facebook and email, and a plethora of other interrupting activity, it’s hard to come out with a clear mind. By learning to go without, you’ll be gaining within.

Other than distractions caused by mobile devices, iPads and the like, try to avoid anything that makes you anxious. Anxiety can cloud your imagination making things impossible to flow gently in and out. You can avoid this type of mind boggle, by putting on some old music or just jotting down what comes to your mind. The trick here is to quiet the anxiousness and fill up your mind with new and interesting thoughts. No room for worry here.

Besides letting go of restlessness, take the time to try new things. Whether you explore a new food or a different way to do your hair, the idea here is to just do it! Let your kids see the excitement in you when you try something new.  If you don’t like it or fail, laugh it off and show the kids that it’s okay.  Embrace these teachable moments. How can you teach your kids to develop creative and adventurous minds if you don’t know how to first?

Now that you know the secrets to sparking your own imagination, try these things on your kids.


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